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  AA Tower
iMinds Start-Up Garage
Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 19
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Core Team

Nikolas 8e3ac41ceda18eb86765bc4d52e9e03b7007fe086f20827b4c791399c444b570

Nikolas Taillieu


Nikolas, a software engineer, is Dimension4’ founder. His passion for software development and 3D printing is what drives the business forward.

Jens c1d8b25120f8c57a7184596f5854820f6b4fa22b5a175396da0a09a072ca2d1b

Jens Mostaert

Co-founder, Lead Developer

Jens has an Msc. Computer Sciences and a year of development experience in building 3D editors and viewers at Twikit, making him the best possible co-founder.

Quentin f14e4a7436378c789590e9e95173e2405c5922ccefbb8cdee0306194b9e466ca

Quentin Richelle

Jr. Business Developer

Quentin is our junior business developer. Coming fresh from Solvay Business School into the world of 3D printing, Quentin is here to explore business opportunities with you.

Tony ef769c4ea879ca64c63d49a867f2fac8cec00cba10d2c5c49cc460d837e604bc

Tony Khaybulaev

Front-End Developer

Tony is in charge of the front-end development throughout Dimension4, both on the main website and in D4 Print. Specializes in HTML5, Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

Prasad c408b9165002fef7f531a8e13b4189b022101266a1c8e43d3f7e6eba08e41f10

Prasad Morajkar

3D Designer

Prasad is responsible for making the ideas of our clients come to live during the D4 Road. With his experience at 3D Systems, Prasad can make even the most crazy ideas come to live.

Kenny c3725c7c9138cbf54ed4266ac38a242f16478c6c1ecaa11af582eb93e2e97c28

Kenny Willems

Entrepreneur-in-Residence: CFO

As a Founding Partner at VentureWise and ex-CFO of the Belgian incubator iMinds, Kenny has more than 20 years of experience in finance, startup funding, strategy articulation, and (B2B) business development.