Dimension4 and UP! Cases announce a strategic partnership in personalized elevated printing

We are thrilled to announce that as of today, Dimension4 and UP! Cases will be partnering up to facilitate the production of personalized smartphone cases made with elevated printing, a ‘2.5D’ printing technique.

As a result of the partnership, customers of UP! Cases will very soon be able to customize the smartphone cases in the webshop of UP! Cases to their exact liking, while on the other hand, Dimension4 has now integrated elevated printing in its all-in-one solution for the personalization of 3D-printed mobile smartphone cases: D4 Mobile.Novel about the elevated printing technique, developed by Océ, is that it creates a very unique and luxurious end product, while still retaining the ability to personalize each individual phone cases to the likings of the end consumer. In that sense, elevated printing is a true digital manufacturing technique and we are very happy to be able to give the end consumer access to the products manufactured via this technique.

We are inviting e-retailers of mobile smartphone cases to work together with us in bringing these smartphone cases to the market. We look forward to any business enquiries you might have.