D4 Mobile

Unlock 3D printing for smartphones

D4 Mobile is an end-to-end service for online retailers to facilitate the 3D personalisation of smartphone cases. It combines a customizer friendly and easily integrated online customizer with flexible and very cost efficient production and distribution capacity.

Using D4 Mobile, e-retailers are not only able to offer their clients smartphone cases that are exactly tailored to their wishes, they now also have a portal where they can easily test new product ideas in the market, without investing in inventory.

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Dimension4 enables end-to-end 3D customization of mobile smartphone cases and for e-retailers.

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3D Customizer

With our 3D customizer, end consumers can customize and preview their personalized smartphone case. Example

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Thanks to our hyper efficient supply chain and price optimization strategies, the mobile smartphone cases allow for a competitive gross margin.

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Production & Distribution

D4 Mobile is coupled with production facilities, for both elevated printing, 3D printing and finishing/assembly. Leave the production hassle to us.

Elevated Printing

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Elevated printing is a '2.5D' printing technique that facilitaties the production of full colour smartphone case inserts combined with a TPU bumper.

The TPU bumper provides good protection for the smartphone, the full colour insert is not only a pleasure to look at, but also has very luxurious feeling and is capable of many realistic textures (wood, reptile skin, ...).

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Insert 3D Printing

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These single colour smartphone cases are made of strong and flexible plastic (polyamide), which was treated with a dirt and water repellant coating. The 3D print is combined with a TPU bumper for optimal smartphone protection.

The smartphone cases offer a wide variety of personalisation possibilities, with unique geometric possibilities.

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Full 3D Printing

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These single colour smartphone cases are not combined with a TPU bumper, but are 3D printed such that they fit nicely around the smartphone. They compensate their less optimal protective capabilities with a slight esthetic advantage on the rest of the smartphone pack.

As far a geometric possibilites go, the sky is the limit.

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Process Overview

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Up Cases

Dimension4 and UP! Cases are partnering up to facilitate the production of personalized smartphone cases made with elevated printing.

As a result of the partnership, customers of UP! Cases will very soon be able to customize the smartphone cases in the webshop of UP! Cases to their exact liking, while on the other hand, Dimension4 has now integrated elevated printing in its all-in-one solution for the personalization of 3D-printed mobile smartphone cases: D4 Mobile.