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The D4 Road is a tiered set of services which allows your company to discover the opportunities 3D printing has to offer. Our road to 3D printing starts with a free, half day ‘Quick Scan’, wherein we visit your company (either physically or digitally) and help you discover with you the possibilities of 3D printing to grow your business.

Are you ready to start your 3D printing growth engine? Book your quick scan today and you’ll be ready to kickstart your company into higher gear in no time.

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Quick Scan: your eyes on the road to 3D printing

The quick scan is a free service to get you started quickly. For a half day, we will visit your company and meet up with your team to collaboratively discover the opportunities 3D printing has to offer. We’ll familiarize ourselves with your business to see whether 3D printing can be a complimentary or a disruptive asset to your product offering or supply chain organisation.

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Pilot: pilot yourself on your highway to 3D printing

After we’ve identified some of the opportunities for 3D printing in your company, it’s time for a pilot. Together with you, we’ll determine what the most promising use case is of 3D printing and put it to the test. We’ll design, digitize or convert a 3D printable model and have it come to life in a prototype. When these results are up to par, we’ll make a cost analysis based on simulations run in our production network.

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Implementation: start your 3D printing growth engine

After a successful pilot phase, it’s time to start your 3D printing growth engine. In D4 Print, we’ll setup a tailored production network that exactly meets the needs of the products you’re going to 3D printing. This includes all parts of the supply chain puzzle, as well as a seamless coupling of D4 Print with your ERP/CRM/back-end software.

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Growth: kick your project into higher gear

Now that you have a fully operational production network running, it’s time to scale up operations. As your demand increases, your tailored production network will dynamically adjust to the changing production conditions. Our smart order routing and volume optimization algorithms will orchestrate your orders accordingly.


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